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About Us And Agent

We have agents in these countries now for water well drilling machine :

If you want to see our products on the spot, I will give you their contact information.

Zhengzhou MIC HT Industry Co.,Ltd (HT Engineering Machinery Limited) was founded in 2004, located in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan province, is a research and development manufacturer focusing on water well drilling machine, underground horizontal directional Machine, our company produces different water well drilling rigs:

Water Well Drilling Machine--DH120.
Water Well Drilling Rig--DH150.

Water Well Borehole Drilling Rig--DH180.
Water Well Borehole Drilling Machine--DH200.

We look forward to working with you, and together let us do something for the water well borehole drilling profession.

About Price, it is determined by many factors.
1 Machine Model.

2 How many drilling pipes that you need.
3 What kind of drilling bits and how many pieces that you need.