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How to calculate the total price of a complete wate well rig :

How to calculate the total price of a complete wate well rig :

We got many enquiries from clents who want to know the final price of our water well rig, as the price of a comlete rig is not fixed

( it is decided by how much depth that you want to drill and what kind of drilling bits that you need), they may feel confused why

same model machine but the fianl price has big difference, now we will make it clear how to cauculate :

1 The fixed part a water well rig system is main machine,it includes

Max Drilling Depth

180 m

Max Drilling Diameter

300 mm

Total Power

W150S : 4.55 kw

W150T :5.3kw

Power Of Driving Motor

W150S : 1.25 kw (dc)

W150T : 2kw (dc)

Power Of Lifting Motor

1.1 kw (dc)

Power Of High Pressure Submerged Pump

2.2 kw (ac)

Voltage Transformer

Change 220V AC to 60V DC

Drivering Drill Pipe Rotation Speed

150 r/min

Area Of Working Platform

1 M2

Height OF Well Stand



all parts are in two steel cases.

Movable and flexible, suitable for different kinds of mixed rock/sand/soil ground

In other words,main machine includes a complete water well drilling system besides the drilling pipe and drilling bit.Main machine includes the pat list above,with drilling pipe and bit,it is a complete drilling system.

2  Drilling pipe :

-------It deccides how deep you can drill,

if you want to drill 100m,we will equip 100m drilling pipe(2 m/piece,100m needs 50 pieces),if you want to drill

180(max drilling depth),we will equip 180m drilling pipe(2m/piece,180m needs 90 pieces)

Different clients have different requirements for the drilling depth,so the final price can be different a lot if their drilling depth is

different a lot.

3  Drilling bit :

Drilling bit is more complicated than drilling pipe,we should analysis it from 3 aspects :

3.1 The diameter : different diameter has different prices,the diameter decides how big a well that you can drill.

3.2 The material : different material has different prices,we have alloy steel,diamond,strong diamond and very strong diamond.

If you want to drill soil only,alloy steel is ok,but if you want to drill rock,you should choose diamond material bit.

3.3 The amount of bit,different clients have different requiremens for amount,some need only 1 pieces,others may need 10

pieces,so the price differ a lot in this case.

4 The generator :

As our macihne uses electricity (220V,single phase) for drilling ,about why we use electricity,please see the news

"Why Do We Use Direct Current For Driving Motor And Lifting Motor"

Sometimes the clients may have problems to get the same electricity and they need to equip a generator,but maybe other

clients can get this electricity easily and they do not need generator,so the price is also different.

According to the analysis above,hope you can have a good understanding of our water well rig,for getting a final price,you should provide the following information :

Your ground type ? ( soil or rock )

The drilling diameter and depth that you want ?

Whether you need a gasoline or diesel generator ?

If you still have questions with this,please feel free to send email to me : [email protected]

Thank you !