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Big Hydraulic Coring Rig

  • Core Sampling Testing Rig Machine
Core Sampling Testing Rig Machine

Core Sampling Testing Rig Machine

  • Function: Core Sample Drilling Rig
  • Brand Name: HT
  • Model Number: HC-100
  • Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
  • Description: HT is a professional manufacturer for core sampling rig, core sampling machine, core testing machine

Core Sampling Testing Rig Machine :

1 Applications :

In mining and other geological engineering operations, coring sample is needed to obtain rock structure, physical and mechanical properties.Core-taking is the most direct means of exploration, it uses a hollow drill pipe to drill down from the surface, forming a cylindrical borehole in the rock formation, and obtaining core, ore, and soil from different depths in the borehole, analytical studies were conducted to identify and classify rock formations.

2 Features :

Our HC-100 fully hydraulic core sampling rig can be used in different environments, such as ground and roadway, to meet different drilling requirements and has a wide range of applications.
Our core testing machine has high working efficiency, can effectively save manpower, material, financial resources and time, improve working efficiency.
Our core sampling machine has reasonable structure, simple installation and disassembly, and is easy to handle.

3 Technical Parameters :

Max Drilling Depth


Max Drilling Diameter


Maximum Torque


Max Rotation Speed

500 r/min (continuously variable transmission)

Lift Force


Lift Height


Hydraulic System

max pressure: 14Mpa

max flow:56L/m

cooling way: water cooling


18Hp gasoline engine

Total Weight

350 kg


2250 x 600 x 2700 mm

Core Sampling Rig

Core Sampling Machine

Core Testing Machine

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