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Diesel Hydraulic--DH200

  • Diesel Hydraulic--DH200
  • Diesel Hydraulic--DH200
  • Diesel Hydraulic--DH200
Diesel Hydraulic--DH200Diesel Hydraulic--DH200Diesel Hydraulic--DH200

Diesel Hydraulic--DH200

  • Brand Name: HT
  • Type:Rotary Drilling Rig
  • Usage:Water Well
  • Certification:ISO
  • Description: Truck-Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig : Full hydraulic drilling rig,hydraulic transmission.

2018 Strong Power Low Price HT-DH200 Small Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Rig

Full hydraulic drilling rig,hydraulic transmission.

700Nm is torque at the rotation speed of 150r/min, torque is in proportion to the rotation speed, if the rotation speed adjusted to 60-70r/min,its torque can become double.

Compared with old models such as HZ rig :

HZ rig uses mechanical transmission whose hydraulic cylinder stroke is only 45cm,our rig uses hydraulic transmission whose hydraulic cylinder stroke is 2m,for a 2m length pipe,our rig only needs one time for hydraulic pressure adding to press it down,but HZ rig needs 4-5 times for hydraulic pressure adding to press it down (labor intensity is big, operation is complicated)

Product Description

Applications And Features :

1 This hydraulic drilling machine occupies a small area,the job can be installed in less than ten minutes.can be used at indoor and outdoor site.

2 The well pipe is fully enclosed, shallow layer has no leakage, can ensure the health and safety

of drinking water.

3 Research and Develop by ourself,it breaks difficult problem that easy to drill and hard to disassemble.

4 Oil pressure feeding system to improve drilling efficiency and lighten labor strength.

5 It configures upper ball clip clamping mechanism together with 6 sides' active drilling rod to practice pole collapse when running, high efficiency, safe and reliable.Centralized handles and convenient operation.

6 Compact structure, small volume, light weight, strong resolvability and easy to move, which is suitable to work in plain or mountain area.The hydraulic clamp & wrench device enormously decreases the assistant time and also reduces the intensity of operating work.

7 Most of hydraulic elements are selected from world famous brand products in order to achieve high reliability and performance stability.

Technical Parameters:

HT-DH200 Truck Mounted Water Well Machine (Two Hydraulic Systems)

Working Way


Power Source

Diesel Powered

Total Power


Max Drilling Depth


Max Drilling Diameter


Drilling Angle

0°-  90 °

Rotation Speed

0-150r/min (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Max Torque


Max Lifting Force


Machine Height

3.2 M (working state) 2.2M ( transportation state )


800 Kg


3000 x 1300 x 2200 MM

Main Machine Part

Main Power

25Hp,Electric Start, Hydraulic System

Drilling Rod

2 M/Piece

OD 50mm,ID 40mm

Seamless Steel Pipe

Drilling Bit

Max Diameter:500mm

Alloy Steel For Soil, PDC For Rock

Mud Pump

Supporting Equipment,22Hp, Electric Start

Steel Card Board

Demount The Drilling Rod

Water Seal

Inner Seal Of The Drilling Power Head

Two hydraulic systems rig :

Two hydraulic systems rig, lifting force can reach 100kn (10Ton),double than single system rig.

Two hydraulic systems,one is for lifting,another is for drilling head rotation.

When working in collaboration,there is no interference from each other,which can achieve the best synergistic effect,control is simple.

Single cylinder rig :

Only one hydraulic system,there is interference from each other when working in collaboration.

Can add 4 hydraulic legs and chassis according to requirement :


1 What is drilling Bit?

-----It is the drilling bit at the end of the drilling pipe,it can decide the diameter of thewell.The material is geological drilling alloy  ,the max diameter of tip is 450mm ,we can customize the diammeter according to your requirement.

Alloy Steel Drilling Bit,Suitable For Soil

Drilling Bit: PDC Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit,Can Drill Rocks

2 What is drilling Pipe(rod)?

-------It deccides how deep you can drill a well,the material is galvanized seamless steel pipe .

Its ID(interner diameter) is 40mm,OD(outer diameter) is 50 mm.

Packaging & Shipping

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