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About Us

Zhengzhou MIC HT Industry Co.,Ltd (HT Engineering Machinery Limited) was founded in 2004, located in Zhengzhou, capital city of Henan province, is a research and development manufacturer focusing on water well drilling rigs, our company produces different water well drilling machines :

External Power--EP120
Diesel Hydraulic--DH120
Diesel Hydraulic--DH150
Diesel Hydraulic--DH200
Cheap Electric--E80 E100
Tractor Mounted Pneumatic Rig
Small Core Drilling Rig Machine--GC20
Big Hydraulic Coring Rig--DHC100, LHC100

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's water conservancy construction, our company has become a leading manufacturer for water well drilling rig, developed many hot sale types according to the needs of customers :

External Power--EP120, it can be mounted on your own tractor, use the power of your tractor.
Diesel Hydraulic--DH120, it uses diesel hydraulic power--8Hp, centrifugal pump power--8Hp.
Diesel Hydraulic--DH150, it uses diesel hydraulic power--20Hp, centrifugal pump power--8Hp.
Diesel Hydraulic--DH200, it uses diesel hydraulic power--25Hp, double hydraulic systems, mud  pump power--22Hp.
Cheap Electric--E80 E100, it uses electricity, if you can get 220/380V electricity at the drilling site, you can use these 2 models.
Tractor Mounted Pneumatic Rig, it uses air compressor, very suitable for drilling pure rocks, not suitable to drill soi/sand/mud.
Small Core Drilling Rig Machine--GC20, small coring rig with 6.5Hp gasoline engine, can take rock samples from shallow rock ground.
Big Hydraulic Coring Rig--DHC100, LHC100, big coring rig with 25Hp engine, can take rock samples from deep rock ground.

With the unremitting pursuit of higher quality, our company has achieved today's leading position in water well drilling area, won the favor and recognition of a great many customers.

We look forward to working with you, and together let us do something for the drilling profession.

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